Surf action surf wear

Surf action surf wear
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Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Tuska Surf action photos on Surf Clothing Brand

HEY!!!! The worlds 1st and only concept surf brand......Concept - Surf photos from the worlds best surf beaches on Tee shirts and Hoods etc.

Choose a surf photo from hhmmmmmm Hawaii or Indo or the rest of the world and then choose a Tee shirt or a Hoody and your colour and size etc.

Or, have one of your surf photos put onto a Tuska surf Tee shirt or Hoody for you or as a gift.

Take a look at the website and chose your favourite surf spot for a Tee shirt or Hoody.


  1. To sell surf pics, check!

  2. Southerndown and Ogmore surf report.

    Its that time of year again when the sun comes out and heats the sea at last.
    People from all over flock to the beach on the sunny days to enjoy the beauty. Surfing or simply walking at Dunraven Bay costs an arm and a leg now though. Every spring our Local beaches and our local way of life is invaded from people from outside of our community exploiting this beautiful area for money. It is £3 to park at Dunraven Bay now, even if you want to stroll for a spare 5 mins. That therapeutic freedom is taken away . If you complain to the Car park attendants you get the answer….you can always get a season ticket……£50 / year.
    With the threat of 500 houses at Ogmore by Sea the beauty of this coastline is being stolen from people not from this area. They don’t live here, they don’t walk the beach, they are not part of the community and they don’t care if they rape and destroy it here. This coastline and its beauty needs protection from exploitation and the greed of these kind of selfish people.

    David A. Batten.

  3. Great surf this May at Southerndown and Ogmore by Sea, a little small but Glassy and sunny.